IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Permanent Hair Reduction

If you suffer from unwanted hair or are fed up with messy creams, painful waxing or endless shaving we can help. At Stradbrook Skin our fast, effective and virtually pain-free treatment can reduce unwanted hair permanently, leaving you with wonderfully smooth skin. 

The Palomar system that we use is more comfortable than many other Intense Pulse Light (IPL) systems used for hair reduction due to the continued cooling methods utilised whilst the light pulses are in contact with your skin. 

A large area is treated with just a single pulse rendering hundreds of hair follicles immediately useless. This makes the treatment extremely fast and you can return to your normal daily routine after your treatment. 

It works by emitting pulses of light into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles, and converted to heat, which then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair. 

For the best results, you will need a course of treatments which are usually 6-8 weeks apart. If you have any special occasions planned, it is a good idea to start well in advance. Treatments need to be performed on UNTANNED skin and at 6-8 weekly intervals to reduce the hair growth by 75%-85%. 


How is pulsed light different from a laser?

They are very similar, but the pulsed light system uses a much larger treatment window than most lasers. This spreads light over a wider area of skin,resulting in quicker treatments.

What body areas can I get treated?

Any area except around the eyes. The upper lip, face, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs, chest, and back can all be treated.

What is the treatment like?

Your treatment provider will move the handpiece over your skin, pulsing it all the while. Each pulse will send a beam of light through your skin. A flashing light, an audible tone, and a mild sensation on the skin will tell you when the handpiece is being pulsed.

What should I expect after the treatment?

  • Immediately after treatment, you can expect mild sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling. This usually last 2-24 hours and can be soothed with cold gel or ice packs.    
  • When treating unwanted hair, the treated hair will continue to appear for 7-30 days, post-treatment. This is not new hair growth, but the treated hairs being expelled from the skin.
  • At any given time, some of your hair is not in an active growing phase, and so you will need more than one treatment to affect the growth of all your unwanted hair.
  • Typically, several treatments will be necessary to achieve the optimum results.
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