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Since day one Stradbrook Skin has consistently exceeded all my expectations and continually surprised me.

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Taking the plunge from simple facials to more invasive ones however can be daunting, so I was pleased to be able to dip my toe in the water with a ‘non-surgical facelift’ at Stradbrook Skin. Hailed as the lunch-time face-lift – (it only takes half an hour), the Bio-therapeutic system uses micro-currents of electricity which are applied to the different muscles of the face via a probe to tone up the facial muscles, decrease visible lines and dark circles, encourage cell-renewal and increase the production of collagen and elastin; those magic ingredients which contribute to youthful appearance and firm skin.

I was sceptical; really, how much could one treatment change my appearance? After a relaxing cleanse, exfoliate and tone, Melissa, my therapist started to work her magic. I had opted for the trial treatment where initially Melissa worked on half of my face. The sensation was strange, a slight tingling and a prickling at times in more sensitive areas such as the hairline when the probe was applied to my skin but these took the form of very short bursts and in 15 minutes she had completed treatment on the right side of my face. She then passed me a hand mirror to see if I could see a difference. I was prepared to look quite hard to see any change so was shocked to see a visible difference. My right eyebrow had lifted and the overall effect was that my right eye looked wider. I looked less tired and more awake.

After completing the left side I then had a collagen infusion mask applied with a further mask over the top carrying more electrical current to encourage the absorption of the cream and stimulate collagen and elastin production within the skin itself. I am delighted with the result and the overall appearance of my skin; so much so that on my way home I actually stopped en route to pick up some food for dinner; not something I would normally consider post-beauty treatment or without make-up!

My partner noticed the difference and said that my nose to mouth lines were less deep and the following day when I applied eyeliner I noticed I didn’t get the smudging onto my upper eye area showing that the upper lids had definitely lifted. I’m now signed up for a full course over the coming weeks – watch this space and I’ll post before and after photos in due course.

11 January, 2013

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